Watch HBO's How To Make It In America: Episode #1

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This show is reminiscent to re-watching 'The Wackness' and brought to life on the screen.

For all the buzz about Kid Cudi becoming an actor,lol, this is ridiculous attempt, he comes off worst then a stereotypical token Black character, he seriously makes two cameos and each time is to give a main character some dap and say some jived out lingo. 

Eddie Kaye Thomas is a really cool actor, and loved his role in 'On the Road With Judas,' but he not that loveable of a character in this show, but by the end of the episode I think that will change. 

and Luis Guzmán will be pretty tight in his role too. 

mmm, Samaire Armstrong made an appearance...


enough of my comments, just watch for yourself, I will be definitely keeping up with it.

Sort of makes a culture I love so much become a mainstream phenomenon, On to the Next One.


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