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N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose (Sneak Preview)

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This teaser trailer for N*E*R*D's upcoming Music video, "Everyone Nose,"  for their 3rd cd, Seeing Sounds.

found via Fimoculous


Again and Again - Mac Lover's Music Video

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Created by digital Filmaker Dennis Liu

The video goes through pretty every cool program you want to use on the mac. I felt the song wasvery good and catchy, so I was posting it up thinking this was the actual video for the song. But the actual video can be found here, and it has a nice classy retro feel to it.

Music by "Bird & the Bee," Blue Note Records

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Lupe's "Paris, Tokyo" @ Spring Break in Panama City

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This is one my favorite tracks from Lupe's latest albums, "The Cool."  I love the remixed iteration to an already amazing track.

UPDATE: Lupe is officially a True Showsman, I ended up finding the other Live clips from the Spring Break show and Lupe kills it Gospel style, can you give me an Amen. Other clips to watch from the Spring Break Show:




Kanye West - Homecoming Ft. Chris Martin

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Pretty tight video, I don't understand why Kanye trying to look all hard and ghetto and why Chris Martin trying to dance, uh still a good video.


Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir

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Here is Yelle's latest video, if you are not familiarto Yelle's crazy french dance video start off with a classic, A Cause Des Garcons, aka ACDG


Spiral Chord x Keiichi Nitta

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Directed by Keiichi Nitta, a Japanese photographer who was once Terry Richardson's Assistant which is very evident from watching this video.

This a heavy rock and roll music video for the Punk/Hardcore Tokyo band Spiral Chord. (sort of NSFW)

Keiichi Nitta

found via Keiichi-Nitta's blog


I Want Those Flashing Lights - Colin Monroe

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Video for Colin Munroe’s version of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights.” Directed by Philip Sportel.

Has a cool video game look, as if they use GTA to make the video 


Battles - Tanto

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A collaboration with UVA (United Visual Artists), produced by Warp Films.  Battles is definitely a different sounding band, but very creative with their representation through video.

Check out Battles - 'Atlas'

Behind the Scenes for the Tanto Video 


Kenna - “Say Goodbye To Love”

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Directed by Hype Williams
This is one of my top songs for the week.  It comes from Kenna's Sophmore album "Make Sure They See My Face."  This guys been getting alot of plays becuase he under the direction of The Neputunes and their label Star Trak.  This album was produced primairly by Chad Hugo, I heard the advance copy and its definitly an album to pick up.  This album is all about breaking barriers in music, its a trait that Star Trak artist tend to have, beacuse you can never easily catergorize them. 

Lupe Fiasco - Dumb It Down

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Lupe's single for his sophmore album "The Cool," this is one album I can't wait for it's release.

Dumb it Down is one amazing song, I will not lie it takes sometime of getting used to but its currently one of my favorite songs.