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“A Thing For Me” by Metronomy


“A Thing For Me” by Metronomy

This is a pretty creative video, and yes the song and video start off really corny, give it a minute, it's catchy. 


Donny Goines - Ricky’s Story


I am liking this, starting the week with a hip hop music video might become a CR tradition, Remember I said Hip Hop not Rap.

I am not familiar with Donny, but this cat is raw and Statik Selektah on this beat, he is ridiculous. This is off Minute After Midnight.

via NahRight 


NERD - Sooner or Later


Directed by the Malloy Brothers

I was definitely excited to see NERD's latest music video, especially with the "Behind of the Scenes" teaser they leaked out earlier this week.  The video features cameo by DC skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek.

Nobody Ever Really Dies

via LimitedHype  (+ via Hypebeast but they don't like embeds)


Metallica- All Nightmare Long

See video
New video from Metallica.

Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls

See video

Here is Charles Hamilton's latest track to been turned Music Video.  If you Entourgae fans are wondering where you heard this before, don't look farther then your favorite Sunday night show.

via HypeTrak


Madonna - Deeper And Deeper

See video

Directed by Jonas Ackerlund

This is a pretty freaky video (especially by the end), but song kind of catchy and retro-ish, plus I like an artistic twist to mainstream music.


Skillz - For Real


I listened to this Skillz track right after reading his story about remembering meeting kanye before he was KANYE.  Its interesting because this track has those congo drums that Kanye used to use on all his tracks.

via NahRight 


Beck - Gamma Ray - starring Chloe Sevigny


 (Screw Myspace and their plugs, skip to 0:22)

directed by Jess Holzworth

This version of Beck's Gamma Ray features the ultra chic actress Chloe Sevigny.

Beck apparently has an equally ecentric Black & White version directed by Autumn de Wilde (Sans Chloe)

Watch the Autumn de Wilde version of Gamma Ray


Under The Bridge: Literal Video Version

See video

The 3rd Literal music video to be released.

 Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

These video are made by Dust Films, so make to check them out because they are planning more then just literal videos (even though we want them to keep on coming). 


Literal Music Videos


Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in this second installment of literal videos!
I am waiting for them to make a literal version for Lionel Richie's Hello, because that would be amazing.

found via DustFilms @ FunnyOrDie 

Take On Me

Head Over Heels