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J*DaVeY: SLOOOW (Video)

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Directed by Tomas Whitmore

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J*Davey is like the renaissance of a pop influenced Erykah Badu. I like!


Featuring Drake: Page - "I'm Still Fly"

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Drake kills it again, on this Canadian hip hop collaboration.

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Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out


I just came across Mayer Hawthorne, and I pretty excited to hear some more tracks from him in the future.  He has real classic bebop sound to him, plus he is on one of my favorite hip hop record labels, Stone Throw. 

look at some behind the scenes images here 


Asher Roth X Cee Lo - Be By Myself


I been loving Asher stuff since his "GreenHouse Effect" mixtape, butI started hating on him with this commercial debut "I love College."  I wanted to hurt my eardrums.

This track in collaboration with Cee Lo (Gnarls Barkley, Goodie Mob) is reminiscent to the Asher I remember.

Plus visuals on video are cool, sort of like James Bond intros meets KRINK meets Glow in the Dark craziness. 

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Eels - Novocaine for the Soul


directed by Mark Romanek

I don't know much about this group or even this song, but I love to be able to defy gravity like that. 

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Moby - Shot in the Back of the Head

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directed by David Lynch

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Featuring Drake - Every Girl - Music Video

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..Oh I think Lil Wayne has something to do with this track, ahh maybe.

Drake is my favorite rapper of the moment, and if I am right this is his first music video appearance.  He drops in @ 1:25 with the nickname Drizzy.

I am still confused with the floating graphics, I sense they were influenced by SO-ME's graphics for Kid Cudi's Day N Nite video, but didn't grasp how to effectly do it.  Plus why did they have to name drop "Jimmy" while Drake is rapping.  Come on, Son been on Degrassi for 1/2 his life, he gets enough of it in the interviews, why bringing it into the videos.  I officially put my stamp of approval with Drake being a serious rap contender.

Oh yeah, the beat is catchy, I got it jamming in my head, you should Google for the dirty version, because some of the missing words messes with the dynamics and feel of the song.

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College f. Electric Youth - She Never Came Back


 What a good song, "College" is like a throwback to 80s electronic music such as "Tangerine Dream" (Music from Risky Business).  So if any of you love the music by M88 definitely check out "College"

COLLEGE - "She never came back" (Featuring Electric Youth)

Frantz Lasorne

Nicolas Guyon

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The Bloody Beetroots feat. DJ Steve Aoki - Warp Video


Recently signed to Dim Mak, DJ Steve Aoki’s label, The Bloody Beetroots showcase their new direction via music video format alongside Steve Aoki himself.

Note: The video is super tight, and the song is too, but it does take a minute for the song to transition into hotness. 

Director: Francesco Calabrese

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Kid Cudi - Day ‘N’ Night directed by So Me


Directed by So Me (artist for Ed Banger Records)

I have to say this is the most creative music video I have seen for Hip Hop in an awhile.  The graphics done by So Me integrates seemlessy into meaning of the song.  I don't promote drug use, but Kid Cudi's Day N' Nite is considered to be the smokers' anthem.  And you can see how graphical devices So Me implements are not just graphical but effectively conveys this dual reality of "Day and Night."  I would keep you eyes out for Kid Cudi, he is a young kat coming from the Kanye camp, so he one of those cultured rappers that are able to balance on the line of art and commercialism.