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James Blake - Limit To Your Love

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Really beautiful minimal beat.... Enjoy

Rick Ross "Lay Back" f. Robin Thicke


If you haven't heard Rick Ross's latest album it is a definite gem, choke full of good songs.  I would like to say compared any other hip-hop album I heard lately, that was actually an ALBUM, its production was very cohesive versus a lot of people make these fragmented cds with tracks by this producer and try by another hit producer and a feature with this singer, autotune on this track, techno ghetto song.  Rick Ross gave a very well presented continuous experience that you would actually wnjoy listen to in one sitting instead of throwing just the radio singles on your playlist.

+Robin Thicke is standing his ground as the voice in R&B (+ hip-hop features) JT you better watch your back.



XV- "Fall Out The Sky"

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This track is money.

XV is a favorite pick of returning CR/RNDM writer @DonaldRichard

From Everybody's Nobody MIXTAPE (Megaupload)


Drake f.Trey Songz - Successful

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directed by Jake Davis < follow this man's blog now, son...

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"Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. But it's not. It takes patience, it takes commitment, and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won't. it's whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere." 
- Barack Obama
After the Jump, interview with the director Jake Davis on making this video.

The Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah - "House Of Cards"


Another great track by Phonte and Nicolay aka The Foreign Exchange

Pretty overdramatic music video directed by Matt Koza


Jay-z - Death of Autotune (Video)


This is "Death of Autotune" Produced by No ID and Kanye.  And the Track is ridculously good.  And the video is classic with that roughed 80's back alley night scenes.  Plus Starrring Harvey Keitel and Lebron.

This is actually an Annieves post I took as my own.  Plus even though I love the track, I have a feeling like Jay-z is completely bashing 1/2 producer Kanye, everything from using autotune to tight jeans and colorful clothing, mmm....



Clipse f. Kanye West - Kinda Like a Big Deal (Video)


This track is kinda like a big deal (Literally!) Ahhhaaaa(Jeezy Laugh)

This has to be the hottest track out and now a video. Seriously I can hear Clipse latast album ringing in my ears "Keys open doors, keys, Keys, open doors"  Ahhhaaaa(Jeezy Laugh).  I can't wait to see whats on "Til the Casket Drops" which drops this September.

Directed by Bernard Gourley

via Hypebeast > any and all hip-hops, seriously this kinda like a big deal

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1st music video directed by Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter

 This the 1st track from a 2-track EP due to come out June 1st.

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K Sparks - "Trill"

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Directed by Team Guerilla Films

"tells a story of an individual that let's his drive and motivation for success entrap him into a world of fast money and dangerous encounters. The underlying message is that life brings us various choices, ultimately it is up to us to decide which choice we will make."

 Thanks to Tiffany @ for the tip and the great commentary.


Nyle - Let the Beat Build


This is like La Blogotheque x Bereit (video style) meets hip hop.  Pretty cool concept to redo a Lil Wayne track.  But I can't help to say Nyle's flow and lyrical content is kind of blah on this track.

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