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Uffie f. Pharrell - ADD SUV

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N.E.R.D. performing 'Radio WTF' on 91210 (Snippet)

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Don't hate, Thelonious P, Hugo Mind Boss and Shady Shay are doing their thing.  I remember when their sophomore album released 'fly or die' and Pharrell mentioned that the album wasn't being pushed to the right crowd, the college kids.  I seriously can count more white girls that know who The Cool Kids are then guys, cool hip music is pushing boundaries, take notice.

I am liking the song on the snippet, still a little unsure of the title, either its Radio or WTF.  Plus this girl Rhea on the track might be the Fergie-ish addition I heard of a few months back.  I don't know yet, but I am always down for a new NERD album.  And back to the previous comment to the ladies, FYI if you talk about the Cool Kids, NERD or even some Lupe in the 1st convo I have with you my search is OVER, I am hanging out with you.

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Short Film: The Ear by Yi Zhou starring Pharrell Williams

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Inspired to Gogols short story entitled The Nose from the Petersburg tales, Yi have written her latest short film about the absurd story of the loss of an ear. The ear is actually the key element of the film, shot in RED and partly to be made in 3d animation. 
Throughout the film, the ear and inner ear as a whole turn themselves into an EarBrige as they get crossed by a bridge. The EarBridge is part of a public project proposal for Baku, Azerbaijan that includes a number of important international contemporary artists.

I am still confused by what I just watch, but after wikipediaing Gogol's Story "The Nose," the story of the nose is actually interesting in a very weird way.  It like the South Park episode where Ms. Garrison loses her penis and wants to be a man again. 

The Nose - Story translated in English.

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Teaser: Pharrell & Mr. OIZO…?

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 Your Speakers are not broken, it has no sound.

I have no idea what this is for, it could be the teasing for a new pizza hut spot or a music video, you guess is as good as mine.

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Pharrell Williams Asks “Where Is The Talent?”

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Pharrell Williams presents his concerns about the current state of entertainment and the need for a resurgence of authentic talent.

Notable Quotes:
"The last 12 to 15 years, this whole aesthetic thing has ruined everything."
"What music was and is getting back to is… how talented is this person?"

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*very insightful on how he views the current climate in talent and the industry standard of looks.


Pharrell talks "Street Dreams" Film


Sounds pretty fresh. hopefully they don't forget the fisheye, you can't forget the fisheye.

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Pharrell Williams on Style Recon



Click The above image to Watch Pharrell talk about his unique style on

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Skateboard P vs McDonald's

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On a connecting flight home from Malaysia, we stopped in Paris.At 6am, Pharrell tries anything to get McDonald's to open up early.Maybe a little song and dance might do the trick. or maybe not...

Recorded on March 24, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Some reason I could see myself doing the same thing for a burger.

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Nylon TV + Pharrell Williams

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Always good to hear some inspiring words from Thelonious P.

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Pharrell’s Perspective Chairs


Alot of Pharrell's non-music endeveours don't get much press, unless it has Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton's name attached. Here is a collaboration between Pharrell in the furniture designer Domeau & Pérès. The Chair is titled the "Perspective," which you can obviously see the lovely connect between a man and woman. Currently it is being displayed at the Gallerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris.

Domeau & Pérès

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