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Nice they are already on episode 10

Enjoy another installment of "Random"

ShowNotes and more via Tim Ferriss's blog 

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We at theRNDM love these videos and still sadly have no affiliation with the Random moniker.

Well enjoy...

Topics include:
- Chocolate
- Powerlifting
- Filtering false friends
- Funny hats
- The art of the decline
… and naked ladies. 

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Random – Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss’ Top 3 Travel Spots


Another great installment to Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss's China Trip.

They give us some more tips on traveling and some best places to visit.

@jimsarr: I can't believe the irony, Tim even harps on Argentina and Brazil and how you have defend yourselves from thieves.

via Tim Ferriss's Blog 


Total length: 20 minutes.

Another addition of Random (sadly not affiliated with us).  The title is pretty much what you get, but Tim adds a lot of good tips on how not to get scammed when visiting foreign countries, plus the story is hilarious.

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Random Ep 5: The Bloody, Filthy Travel Edition - China


 Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss adventure in China...

Angel and VL, enjoy... 

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Another great episode from the 2 entrepreneurial lifestyle experts.

This video was recorded before their China trip, which should be a good watch once released.

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Still unsure of a name for the show, the two masters explains their top 5 must-read books, that are all life changing to your self and business.

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(I personally want to get a copy of Seneca) 

After the Jump a list of all the titles


Tim Ferriss + Kevin Rose - Episode 2


This time, we discuss recent discoveries and experimentation from new internet apps and electronic gadgets to knives and functional MRI (fMRI). -Tim

via Tim Ferriss's Blog 


Tim Ferriss (4 hr Work Week) and Kevin Rose (Digg \ Rev3) discuss the business side of the tech world for 32 minutes.

Definitely a great discussion between two great minds in business (especially nonconventional business ideas - thinking out the box).  Pretty much this is a podcast, so nothing really exciting visually, so you can turn on play and just listen.

via Tim Ferriss's Blog  


Digg Dialogg: An interview with Al Gore


 This a very interesting inteview done between digg founder Kevin Rose and former VP / Currentv founder Al Gore.

Using the digg format of voting, digg users were able to ask their deepest questions about the energy and ManBearPig.


After the JUMP is Part 2 & 3.