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Drake – You Know You Know (Produced By Kanye West)

(I haven't heard 'Thank Me Later' yet) but apparently this track didn't make the cut. Not the usual Kanye beat, but I like, its grew on me.
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Drake - You Know You Know (Produced By Kanye West) by Hypetrak


Killin it, Like Usual!

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SNL: 106 & Park with Kanye West


While the fire is dying down you can enjoy this amusing SNL sketch with the man himself, KWest the constant interrupter.  Makes me wonder do people really ever change...


Drake - Best I Ever Had (Director's Cut)


Directed by Kanye West

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Kid Cudi - Make Her Say f. Kanye & Common


I love this track.  I am not too used to Lady Gaga, but the sample was used very well plus I love how this is a montage of hit hooks for the year.

Video, definite props on the dual screen experimentation, real cool.  Plus they jacked the desaturated ballon look from Sofia Coppola's Dior Ad

and what was the record player the video girl was play with, because I will run out and buy it now?

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UPDATE: I feel like an idiot.  The slick record player is actually the controller for the upcoming game "DJ Hero," yeah from the makers of guitar hero. 


Kanye West f. GLC & Consequence - "Spaceship" (Video)


I remember where I was when I heard this track.  Kanye just released the "through the wire" video and it was starting to get its spins on mtv at some awkward hours, and I happen to think it was the freshest song out there. "But he wasn't talking bout coke and birds it was more like spoken word" once I heard that as a young man, I was hook on to Kanye music, so I went to spread the word, this is where I happen to come across "Spaceship" while searching for some Kanye's tracks to show my friends.  And I went into a trance when Spaceship started playing, come on Anthony Hamilton was killing it on the vocals and the beat was ridiculous.  I rather stop blabbling because I can easily talk all day about how this track was the turning point to my musical journey, I am just happy there was video for it.


GLC: There’s a lot of people saying where we could of been if this was released in 04. I no longer wanna deprive the people of their rights! You have the right to embrace my concept as well as those of Kanye, Consequence & Tony Williams as we gave you are all! This is a story of triumph over the ills of society & the workforce interfering with your pimpin’ & in this time of a recession this record may be more relevant now than it was in 2004! Thank for letting me grow with you! Love, Life & Loyalty coming soon! Hello World!


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10 Essentials: Kanye West



Currently on Men.style.com Kanye West is breaking down his 10 Fashion Essentials.  It cool to read why he chooses certain items to his style.

To get the full Story: 
Go to Men.Style 10 Essentials Kanye West

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88 Keys - Stay Up! (Viagra) feat. Kanye West

LOL, 88keys and Kanye, so funny and creative.

Kid Cudi - The Sky Might Fall X Transformers 2 Trailer

See video

Produced by Kanye West 

The hottest track to be teasing America with only 30 seconds of it on the Transformers Trailer and a live cut at concert.

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If you are a true Kid Cudi fan you would check what is after the JUMP and if you are not, you can watch the Transformers 2 trailer with the recently "not in a relatioship, meaning single" Megan Fox.


Kanye West - Vh1 StoryTellers "Stronger"


This is just a little Sneak Peak of what is in store for this Saturday's Vh1 Storytellers featuring Kanye West.

Saturday, February 28th at 9pm on Vh1. (90 mins) more info via VH1

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