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Blu "Amnesia"

See video

Great track and amazing video made from clippings of the film Elevator to the Gallows (Knowing me I will have to watch this within a week...)

video made by:

Track from Blu's – HerFavoriteColo(u)r (Download)

PS: the track uses a Billie Holiday Sample

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Blu - On the RADER


This is the latest artist to hit my radar, I remember earlier this year seeing a video for Blu's group Johnson and Jonson.  After listening to his mixtape (which is featured below) the tracks are amazing, this is one of my top picks on artists for 09'.

blu Download Blu - Drop The E Mixtape (Zshare)

 Keep up with Blu via his MySpace 

 Get his latest collaborated Album, Johnson and Jonson.

 Bonus: Johnson & Jonson - La La Land f. Be Young (Zshare) if you got to do anything listen to this track, it is only on the Japanese release of their album.