Video Games

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Citroen GT on the Streets of London

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This pretty cool, this car was originally designed for a video game and now its out in the real wild, sweet...

Guitar Hero 3 Preview (This is nuts)

Credit Mike Ferro with this one. Loser.

Guitar Hero II- Xbox 360 Ad


 Its official Xbox 360 has the ultra popular Guitar Hero II, this game is pretty much DDR for your fingers. Peter Candleland the creative genius behind the Gorillaz video is now putting the same touch and feel in this Guitar Hero II Ad.

Watch the ad via Stashmedia.TV


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater Meets Half Life


A Half Life user Kasperg has created a navigable model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kaufmann House (or better known as Fallingwater) using a Half Life Source Engine!

Download Map (remote)

Makes me want to install Half Life 2, just to play around in Frankie L Dubwah's house..


Wii Crazy

I am back in Sarasota, Fl for the break and I am going crazy for the Wii, I have finally got to try this machine. The system comes with Wii sports that allows you to play tennis, baseball, bowling, and boxing. This is definitely a party favorite. (aHHHHHHHHHH this system is ridiculously crazy)
Click READ MORE to view more images of my exploration of the Wii.

Play Half Life with Wii-mote


"Playing Half-Life 2 on my computer using a Wii controller that's connected via Bluetooth and GlovePie."

South Park meets the World of Warcraft


This is just plain hilarious, I still get a smile on my face when I think about it. Trey and Matt completely went crazy on making fun of War of Warcraft and a hardcore gamers' lifestyle, aka have no life. Just to make it clear I am not hating on Gamers, just watch the episode and be amazed. Click READ MORE to watch the other parts.

The Future of the Nintendo Wii

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Crazy image posted on Destructoid , showing the power of the Wii.  If you didn't know, the Revolution was renamed to Wii.  With these new controllers, I can see a lot of little kids getting in fights, because all they have to do to screw up there opponent is budge in to him.

Duck Hunt 2k6

Watch footage from the newly enhanced Duck Hunt.
Watch Footage Here

Crazy Super Mario Piano!


Check out this crazy video my friend Mike sent me!  This kid plays the entire Super Mario Saga
from beginning to end, and does some of it blindfolded!  If only I had the skills this guy has with his hands, my girlfriend
would love me forever......oh wait I'm single.   YOU TUBE!