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Matte Blue is the new hotness



Even though it looks great, I might still be more of a fan of the black matte. But if you check way after the JUMP I got 2 images of a Lamborghini LP640 in Chrome, and I would have to debate that is truly the new hotness.

via Jalopnik > Luxury4Play


Audi R8 V10 Spyder

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Simply amazing, really there is much to say except look at all the great images of this machine after the jump

via Sub5zero & Autoblog 



2011 Bentley Mulsanne



via Acquire Magazine

More Images AFTER the JUMP


CarCast: Adam Carolla with Jason Calacanis and his Tesla

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Currently I keep up with a handful of podcasts, and my latest addition is Adam Corolla's second Podcast, CarCast

(this time it is weekly, thank God,it was hard keeping up with a daily podcast)

As you guessed it is about cars, guess what I love cars and love to hear about them.  Its nice because versus Top Gear this is a retrospective on older cars and their legacy versus Top Gear, which is super amazing, is all about the newest and greatest plus some great country to country challenges. (I think if someone told me I could only do 1 thing in my life and after that is all over, I would probably pick being a host on BBC's Top Gear.)

As for the clip above, it features one my favorite web entrepenuers Jason Calacanis (which has a podcast I listen to too) and his orange Tesla, which I never heard all the crazy amazing specs on except for it was electric until this clip, very impressive.  It can beat a 430 Ferrari, nice.

You can find all these on iTunes:

Adam Corolla's CarCast

Jason Calacani's This Week in Startups


Porshe Museum From Concept to Completion


The Porsche Museum in Stuttgard Germany is Designed by  Delugan Meissl Associated Architects and is the project I suspect will bring this already accomplished firm to a household name within the design community.  Click the "read more," tab to see more pictures. (and see their starwars angle)

Via CoolBoom 


Honda Odyssey "Respect the Van"

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Great ad, I just can't figure out how it translate to selling Hondas.

Audi q5 Ad

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BMW 2010 Z4 - Robin Rhode - "Expression of Joy"

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BMW has collaborated with South African Artist, Robin Rhode, to create "Expression of Joy." I believe the images and video speak for themselves, but I have added some links below for some long ass articles about the intent and technique actually I couldn't go pass the 1st paragraph so I am guessing that's what it was about.

via Hypebeast > SlamxHype

Links to read: 2  .  3

After the Jump All the Cool IMAGES


Audi R8 V10



Pretty much all I know is that I have been seriously obsessed with the Audi R8 for a full year now, so finding these amazing images of the R8 in firetruck red and set to the neutral clean backdrop of a Siberia winter, this makes the R8 worthy of being more then Ironman’s vehicle but maybe James Bond’s Ride, if he ever chooses to drop his Aston.

all images were found @ World Car Fans


2009 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Sir Stirling Moss Edition



This is one really sleek successor to already sleek Benz McLaren SLR.  To honor one legendary race car they named this edition after him, Sir Stirling Moss, he is better know for is incredible win in the 1955 Mille Migila.  It will share the same 650 hp V8 engine from the SLR 722 edition.

Due to come out June 09’ with a limited production of 75 cars worldwide exclusively being sold only to previous SLR owners (Crap, I guess winning the lotto in next 6 months will not help).

images via AUTOblog

info via AvntGrdeMag