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Citroen GT on the Streets of London

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This pretty cool, this car was originally designed for a video game and now its out in the real wild, sweet...

Audi R8 V10 Spyder

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Simply amazing, really there is much to say except look at all the great images of this machine after the jump

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I always loved the dripping look of Krink ink, I just don't when I would want to do that.  The have a set of permanent markers that are suppose to be tight.

2010 Rolls Royce Ghost

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Its not a coincidence that I posted the 2010 Rolls Royce next to the 2010 Bentley post. I am happy to see a return in the two companies sharing a similar base but still reinterpreting their brands on that same base. (really do see the images after the jump, seriously you could skip the video and just stare at these images.)

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CarCast: Adam Carolla with Jason Calacanis and his Tesla

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Currently I keep up with a handful of podcasts, and my latest addition is Adam Corolla's second Podcast, CarCast

(this time it is weekly, thank God,it was hard keeping up with a daily podcast)

As you guessed it is about cars, guess what I love cars and love to hear about them.  Its nice because versus Top Gear this is a retrospective on older cars and their legacy versus Top Gear, which is super amazing, is all about the newest and greatest plus some great country to country challenges. (I think if someone told me I could only do 1 thing in my life and after that is all over, I would probably pick being a host on BBC's Top Gear.)

As for the clip above, it features one my favorite web entrepenuers Jason Calacanis (which has a podcast I listen to too) and his orange Tesla, which I never heard all the crazy amazing specs on except for it was electric until this clip, very impressive.  It can beat a 430 Ferrari, nice.

You can find all these on iTunes:

Adam Corolla's CarCast

Jason Calacani's This Week in Startups


Phoenix Photo Enforcement Van Driver Shot to Death

I hate these guys more than anyone.  But this is taking anger to the extreme.  So besides the traffic cams all over the streets in Phoenix and Tempe, there are these assholes that sit in random places around the city and on the highways waiting to flash drivers with a ticket.  The most disgusting thing about it, is that they are not actually part of the police department.  In fact, its a private company (from Australia!) that Phoenix has hired to do this, and most of the money goes towards the private company.  Phoenix gets very little of the money from the tickets.  I have heard some pretty terrible stories today of what else this company does.  My one friend got a ticket from them, and then a call from a representative from the company saying he could provide her with information to avoid paying the ticket.  After paying 58 dollars he sends her a 3 page PDF that says don't open your door for 4 months and you can't be served the ticket.  That same day, someone (presumably from the same company) knocks on her door and her husband answers and gets issued her ticket.  So she is forced to pay the 58 dollars plus 200 for the ticket.  Worst thing is that the only way they could have gotten her address that quickly is from the address on the credit card when she paid them the money in the first place.  This story seems almost unreal, but its true, and I can't believe this shit is happening here.  So dirty.  I'm not justifying the murder of that guy, but maybe Phoenix will wake up and say, hey, we are doing some sketchy ass shit, maybe we should stop this.  ARG!

Funniest Car Ad starring Andy Richter

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from what I understand this is not officially a Car ad, and was made by the Upright Citizens Brigade.  (I wish it was really an ad.)

Starring Andy Richter & James Adomian

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There Once was a Man Named Andrew, Part 2



Sorry Vic, but I have to one up you, Love the video of the new Segway, but this is “Andrew of the Future.”


Response to “There Once was a Man Named Andrew

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There Once was a Man Named Andrew

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...and he had a dream.  as gm and segway try out their hybrid 'puma' vehicle, i can totally see a seamless integration of this vehicle into, say, the chevy tahoe.  you simply park your large, man-sized suv in the lot, press a button and it ejects the cockpit, which happens to be the puma vehicle created by segway/gm.  that way you can drive up to the place you are visiting, do whatever it is needs doing, and then drive the puma back into your car without ever having to walk.  the possibilities are endless.  then you can go home and run six miles...

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Honda Odyssey "Respect the Van"

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Great ad, I just can't figure out how it translate to selling Hondas.