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Nice they are already on episode 10

Enjoy another installment of "Random"

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iphone This is old news for most, I really am only posting this for what I bolded below, lol.  Plus the survey apparently tries to point out how productive and more organized a Smartphone can make your life too.

According to the survey:

Nearly 85 percent of the iPhone owners used the phone as their watch, and 89 percent used it as their alarm clock. In fact, 75 percent admitted to falling asleep with the iPhone in bed with them, and 69 percent said they were more likely to forget their wallet than their iPhone when leaving in the morning.

Live Science iPhone Survery 

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Energy Generating Pavement Hits Streets! Genius!


What an amazing idea to use the power of footsteps to generate energy!  Its being tested right now throughout London, and soon could find its way to places in the US such as Times Square in NYC.  Placed on highly trafficed pedestrian streets, each unit can generate 2.1 watts of energy an hour, and about 5 can light a bus stop overnight.  By Pavegen Systems.





Gone in 31 Seconds: Apple Store Raped of Merchandise

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Theives clean out an Apple store in 31 seconds: 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod Touches.


The title is meant for anyone that wants to waste their time going to wikipedia and to explain me the definition of rape in the comments and how a company can not be physically raped.


New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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I really love how this looks like a polished version of classic NES and SuperNES mario games, makes me want to go out and buy a wii whenever this title is out...

Another great episode from the 2 entrepreneurial lifestyle experts.

This video was recorded before their China trip, which should be a good watch once released.

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It took awhile for Microsoft or any company to catch up with Apple's ipod, and this time I believe our contender might have surpassed expectations with an amazing device.

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Zune HD: The Touchscreen Comeback?



Microsoft hasn't given up on the Zune yet, in fact it's set to come out swinging,(at Apple's touch) this fall with the "Zune HD."   I expected  this would be the case given the amount money there is in the online music marketplace.    

After saturdays leak of graphics to engadget, PC world has learned the specks on this upcoming Zune HD and are as follows.

16GB and 32GB  models.

Multitouch OLED Screen

HD Screen 16:9 Ratio at least 720 DPI (expected not confirmed)

TV Out Port (HDMI)

Wireless Sink With Computer

Web Browser

Some have also speculated that it will support 3d XBOX games as well.  But what is really interesting to me here is the HDMI out port.  This signals that Microsoft may have actually one upped the competition in living room integration.  The possibilities here could be great. Imagine browsing in the Zune Marketplace downloading a temp video file directly to your ZUNE HD (digital rental) and then be able to plug your zune into your TV to watch a movie.  It's not an entirely new concept but it is the first time that this sort of an ability could be entirely mobile giving you the ability to finish the next episode of your show while commuting to work.  

While there is talk of an integration of Zune with 3rd party cell phones the obvious complaint here is that the Iphone not the Ipod should have been the target.  That being said, while cell phones are expected to take market share away from MP3 players, this seems to me to be more about video and possible television connections than just music. 

The Zune HD is expected to launch in Sept.  We will have to wait untill then to see if this really is the comeback Zune.



Tim Ferriss (4 hr Work Week) and Kevin Rose (Digg \ Rev3) discuss the business side of the tech world for 32 minutes.

Definitely a great discussion between two great minds in business (especially nonconventional business ideas - thinking out the box).  Pretty much this is a podcast, so nothing really exciting visually, so you can turn on play and just listen.

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There Once was a Man Named Andrew, Part 2



Sorry Vic, but I have to one up you, Love the video of the new Segway, but this is “Andrew of the Future.”


Response to “There Once was a Man Named Andrew

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