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Divided SideWalk: New York Lane, Tourist Lane

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how sidewalks should be divided everywhere!

Cibo Matto Sugar Water Video by Michel Gondry

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A bit of an older video, but I just discovered it and I love Michel Gondry.  So cool!

Hip Hop Toddler

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I love it!

Lego Matrix Trinity Help

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This is amazing

A Glorious Dawn

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sooo for my first post i wanted to find something epic...but then i saw this video and it made me want to science all over myself.  although, it is called 'a glorious dawn' that's kind of epic in itself.

ACORN Presents: How to Set Up A Brothel

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  This is the craziest video I have seen in a long time.  Two acorn employees get caught on tape advising people on how to set up a brothel(they do this after being told the people plan on trafficking in minors to work as prostitutes).  WTF  

VIA Andrew Breitbarts BigGovernment 


Certified Random Writers in High School Superlatives Video


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So this is really funny retro Flagler Palm Coast High School, your certified random writers were nominated (and won) some high school superlatives.  You will probably want to speed through it a litle bit though.  Look specifically for most huggable (@ 3:25), most talkative (@ 5:39), and heavenly bodies (@ 9:00). 

Most Awkard Rap Interview

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Young Jezzy interviewed by Vice magazine

This has to be such a bad interview that it should be laughed at.  It like the guy walk in knowing nothing about Jeezy except a few things he pulled off the net.  Plus the guy knows he is bombing, so he continues to makes worst then ever. 


OMA nyc

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So this is an old video, but I've been looking for it forever.  I remember seeing it a couple years ago.