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Michael C. Hall Teaches Us to Spoon

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Chat Roulette Piano Improv #1

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Before the buzz of ChatRoulette fades, this is a pretty cool and funny video of a guy doing improv piano playing for people on Chat Roulette.

via Swiss-Miss 


Wall of Death: India's Diamond Maruti Car Circus

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um, AhhhhhMaaazing!!

Enough said.

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We at theRNDM love these videos and still sadly have no affiliation with the Random moniker.

Well enjoy...

Topics include:
- Chocolate
- Powerlifting
- Filtering false friends
- Funny hats
- The art of the decline
… and naked ladies. 

via Tim Ferriss Blog and Kevin Rose 


Primal Scream by Richard Mosse


This is really cool, Just wait for it, seriously till the end, when one man is left standing.

  In the short film, he challenges a group of brothers at Yale’s oldest and meatiest jock fraternity, DKE, to scream at the camera, as loudly and for as long as possible; winner gets bragging rights. The big boys heartily oblige. And why not? As Mosse explains: The men were happy to participate in the project in exchange for a keg of beer.

The rules: They compete against each other to shout or scream the loudest and for the longest time. When they cannot scream any longer they must stop, and cannot begin again.

via H.Wells >> IvyGate

Titled 'Fraternity' by Journalist Photographer, Richard Mosse


Lego Matrix Trinity Help

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This is amazing

A Glorious Dawn

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sooo for my first post i wanted to find something epic...but then i saw this video and it made me want to science all over myself.  although, it is called 'a glorious dawn'...so that's kind of epic in itself.

Drink Milk or die Skateboarding

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I really don't know if this a 'Got Milk' viral that didn't hit the marks well or if this guy is actually for real.

but watch for yourself, I am completely convince of its authenticity until the end when the girls say something.

thanks to @ATSlopes for the find 


Banana Man - Dole Commercial


Craziness, I happen to come cross an animated gif of this on Twitter so I went on a search for it.  This commercial is ridic.....

I wonder why no ad agency in America hasn't tried to imitate the eccentricity of a Japanese commercial.  I think my favorite weird commercial presently out in the US is the Trident Layers commercial (check after the jump for it, plus watch til the end, a JB cameo.)

Plus after JUMP another funny Japanese Ad


Lego Pop Up Book

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pretty amazing, thats skill.