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Wall of Death: India's Diamond Maruti Car Circus

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um, AhhhhhMaaazing!!

Enough said.


Comin’ straight out of South Africa, Die Antwoord.

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Wow, I don't know where to start on commenting this video, are they for real? and is that a mullet mixed with a Vanilla Ice Hi-top?

Listen to the Full "Beat Boy" Song HERE

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If you enjoyed this clip or you want to be further weirded out Check Out their Music video AFTER the JUMP


Nike SB, This is Qatar: Skateboarding


This is more of mini documentary then a skate film.  If you were ever interested in learning a little bit about Qatar, here it is through the eyes of skateboarders, from Nike SB Spain.  I really liked their honest approach to their adventure, from getting kicked out from a lot of facilities to the challenge of finding good spots to skate on.

If you just want straight up skating and the back story is boring you, skip to about ~14mins in and watch till the end.

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BLK JKS - “Molalatadi” Music Video


directed by Jamie James-Medina

 When I first heard this song I went crazy for it, and to find out it has an amazingly crafted video to go with it, all I can say it, Amen.

if I can remember right Molalatadi means Rainbow.

Plus it features cut scenes of the band chilling in Coney Island with clips fromJames-Medina and Matthew Salacuse’s South African train surfing documentary.

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Random – Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss’ Top 3 Travel Spots


Another great installment to Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss's China Trip.

They give us some more tips on traveling and some best places to visit.

@jimsarr: I can't believe the irony, Tim even harps on Argentina and Brazil and how you have defend yourselves from thieves.

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Pope tells artists beauty can be a path to God


The Pope told them that in a world lacking in hope, with increasing signs of aggression and despair, there was an ever greater need for a return to spirituality in art.

"Too often ... the beauty thrust upon us is illusory and deceitful ... it imprisons man within himself and further enslaves him, depriving him of hope and joy," he said.


"Faith takes nothing away from your genius or art," he said. "On the contrary, it exalts them and nourishes them." 


Read the full Article via Reuters


Total length: 20 minutes.

Another addition of Random (sadly not affiliated with us).  The title is pretty much what you get, but Tim adds a lot of good tips on how not to get scammed when visiting foreign countries, plus the story is hilarious.

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The United Steaks of America



created by photographer Dominic Episcopo

for Art of the State” at the The Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.

View the rest of the meaty steaks @ HuffingtonPost(sorry Andrew, but that’s where the images were located)

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Random Ep 5: The Bloody, Filthy Travel Edition - China


 Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss adventure in China...

Angel and VL, enjoy... 

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The Cove - Japan's Dolphin Genocide

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Its a pretty intense trailer, not action movie intense but morally intense.

I saw this on my girl ZooeyD's twitter so I had to post it for the lady.