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Maxed Out, young without money.

This is from a Current TV documentary series entitled "Vanguard." I am labeling this a "Must See," it shows you the harsh reality of being in debt from many different perspectives. Particularly if you are in the same situation, this documentary gives you the chance to detach yourself from your own situation and criticize what others are doing to their life. After-wards, you can unfortunately see that you are in no better position. I am not trying to be depressing, this is some real sh*t I myself am learning.

PS: I'm going to Graduate School in the Fall, USC...


N00b Boyfriend


another funny CH orginal

Facebook: The Movie by David Lehre


brought to you by the same guys behind Myspace: the movie

Its definitely corny but entertaining.

via DavidLehre


Flash Rave via Facebook Charleston

See video
Crazy flash rave in Charleston that was apparently organized only 30 minutes ahead of time.  Nuts.

Learning Guitar Enough to Get Laid


An instructional video that teaches you everything you need to know, and nothing you don't.

National Championship: A Night In Gainesville

Here are clips from VU's experience in Gainesville as the Gator's take home another National Championship.

Congrats to CollegeHumor on getting a TV show

MTV has given CollegeHumor their own TV show, great!!
More Jake and Amir.

Now they just need to give DERRICK Comedy (guys behind “Bro Rape”) their own show.

Gators Gone Wild - NY Times Slideshow


Birthplace of CR, and the alma mater of all the writers here, University of Florida.

We just got a NY Times Slideshow on your partying habits.

The Gator Socialite in my wants to say "Damn right, recognize,"  the graduated student Gator wonders if this hurts our reputation having articles in national newspaper about how crazy we are down here.

NY Times - Gator Gone Wild

thanks Jason on the tip.


Asher Roth, bringing Rap to the Burbs

See video

Asher Roth is the new white kid in town with a record deal. Watch the video to get to know him.

via NahRight

Check out his blog @ Daily Kush

Plus download/listen to his album, the Greenhouse Effect: 


Princeton Review ranks Top Party Schools


Princeton Review recently released their list of the Top Party schools in the nation, and finally the University of Florida has topped the list.  UF has ranked in the top 20 for the past 15 years but can now claim glory.  Playboy just released their list in which UF is number four while Arizona State University took the top spot.  Thanks to three national titles in major sports in the last two years the Gators now sitting high at number one while students wait for another national title to come their way this year as Tim Tebow leads the Gators once again.