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iphone This is old news for most, I really am only posting this for what I bolded below, lol.  Plus the survey apparently tries to point out how productive and more organized a Smartphone can make your life too.

According to the survey:

Nearly 85 percent of the iPhone owners used the phone as their watch, and 89 percent used it as their alarm clock. In fact, 75 percent admitted to falling asleep with the iPhone in bed with them, and 69 percent said they were more likely to forget their wallet than their iPhone when leaving in the morning.

Live Science iPhone Survery 

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Auto-Tune the News #10: Turtles

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Youtube page for Auto-Tune the News, click here


The Formula Behind Reporting The News

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This is great, sadly really true with how they report news stories, sometimes I wonder why these reporters are aimlessly walking in the rain while talking about the economic downfall.

Plus it reminds me about an article I read a week ago about how news channels will impose narratives on disasters and news worthy events.  Its like the idea of them only interviewing just the 3 cynical people in a city and framing the story as if everyone in that town are crazy about the issue.



Burj Khalifa Opening (Burj Dubai)

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So I know this is a week old but its crazy. . .

Nanny of the Month

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ACORN Presents: How to Set Up A Brothel

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  This is the craziest video I have seen in a long time.  Two acorn employees get caught on tape advising people on how to set up a brothel(they do this after being told the people plan on trafficking in minors to work as prostitutes).  WTF  

VIA Andrew Breitbarts BigGovernment 


Onion: InstaPolling


Remembering Michael Jackson, 24 Music Videos


I am really not prepared to post much today.  I am in a state of silence. I watched "The Moonwalker" last night and I am going through his amazing Discography today.  MTVMUSIC, is streaming 24 of his music videos, I would recommend watching "Leave Me Alone" but it isn't on the list.

Peace it,




Doom for Time and Newsweek, but not for The Economist


I know the talk about the death of print is boring most folks, but this video has some very interesting points to think about.  Its main focus is to explain why the Economist is doing so well but it hits on some strategies Newsweek and Time did that might have been counterproduct.  One putting so much effort in build a web identity and two littering their magazine in the tables of Doctor's offices.

I don't know if my feeling really align with that.  But the argument definitely has merit, and probably speaks more about poor excution and cheap mass marketing tactics.

Via TheAlantic (Their is an accompanying article, "Newsweekly's Last Stand" But most the same content is said video more breif and precise.)


XBOX Motion Sensing: Project Natal

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Nintendo you just got owned.  . .

(assuming this actually works)

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