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24 Special Effects

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Amazing special effects from this season of 24.  Taking place in NYC while shooting mostly in LA, these are some cool clips incorporating city shots into scenes.  Very cool.  Thanks from

How To Make It In America’s Hustle Stories w/ Kid Cudi

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I have actively been keeping up with this show, How to Make it in America.  It is slowly getting better episode to episode, but I should emphasize slowly.

 Over the weekend, HBO put up this video of Kid Cudi talking about how he landed the role on the show and how his relates to the premise of “How To Make it In America.”

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24 Season 8 Trailer

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I know that the season started two months ago, but I was re-watching the trailers (as usual) and I love this one.  Plus there is a spoiler in it for the episode coming up this week.  24 has the best trailers on TV, hands down.  

Watch HBO's How To Make It In America: Episode #1

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This show is reminiscent to re-watching 'The Wackness' and brought to life on the screen.

For all the buzz about Kid Cudi becoming an actor,lol, this is ridiculous attempt, he comes off worst then a stereotypical token Black character, he seriously makes two cameos and each time is to give a main character some dap and say some jived out lingo. 

Eddie Kaye Thomas is a really cool actor, and loved his role in 'On the Road With Judas,' but he not that loveable of a character in this show, but by the end of the episode I think that will change. 

and Luis Guzmán will be pretty tight in his role too. 

mmm, Samaire Armstrong made an appearance...


enough of my comments, just watch for yourself, I will be definitely keeping up with it.

Sort of makes a culture I love so much become a mainstream phenomenon, On to the Next One.


Perfect Strangers - Intro Remake

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I really don't know the reason for anyone to make this, but I want to give props to anyone that still has the 'Perfect Strangers' on their mind.  Ironically I was talking to J.Business about doing a remake to this show, but I wasn't serious.


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i cant believe this! Stop lying to us ladies. Padded bras, make up, hair extension, fake nails, nail polish.. now fake butts! SHOM ON! Stop lying to us guys!!!

24 Season 8 Trailers Leaked!

And apparently the final versions will air tonight during the World Series Game 1 on FOX. I love the previews that come out every season, they are always really well done. These are no exception. Enjoy!

Levi's Commercial: Go Forth

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You may have seen this commercial by Levi's on TV. I thought it was a really cool commercial, I have an account on CR, and voila!, now it's on here for you to enjoy.

This Week's Psych: Kenan & Jaleel White

What a crazy combination, I can't wait to watch.  I know alot of people are wondering where is Kel?

Chuck Panel at Comic Con


Here is the cast of one of my favorite shows Chuck talking at Comic Con.  They vaguely talk and take suggestions for the next season, but give a little time to thank their diehard fans for getting them out the the cancellation limbo.  (I wish some grassroot campaign can pull my other NBC favorite "Kings" out of cancellation.)

If you want to keep yourself updated while Chuck is in production, check out their new blog, Chuck Me Out!

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