Nike 6.0’s Partners in Crime


 This is a trailer for Nike's 6.0 Partners in Crime webseries

Basically, I’m told there will be a total of 5 edits that will hit every other week and feature the 6.0 Euro riders in pairs according to sponsor.

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Zach Galifianakis is The Snuggler


Great, just great... 


Terry's Diary



It took awhile but now Terry Richardson is a household name even your mother wants her portraits set to the backdrop of her shadow on a white wall. turn UP the Flash please!!

Terry is getting a little more social lately on the web and he has added himself on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

I would definitely keep up with the insanity at his daily Photo Diary (Tumblr) 


Xin-Xue, 7 yr old Table Tennis Pro

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This 7 yr old girl has raw talent and love blue skies, enjoy...

 "Does she ever miss"

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Perfect Strangers - Intro Remake

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I really don't know the reason for anyone to make this, but I want to give props to anyone that still has the 'Perfect Strangers' on their mind.  Ironically I was talking to J.Business about doing a remake to this show, but I wasn't serious.

Do you Eat Crap? or Like Punching Sandwiches?

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This is a great little viral short made by Dark Igloo for The Pump eatery in NYC.

**I recommend watch once through and then we rewatch and pause to read all the funny text they added to these mini ads.

(Fun Tip: while watching a video press spacebar to pause the video. ) 

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Headfood Radio X @ThinkCONTRA: Loungin' 2K10 mixed by Jae Sun


loungin2k10_PLAYLIST This is the latest (maybe 1st) mix by ThinkContra other site, HEADfood Radio.

This was mixed by DJ Jae Sun, which has a impeccable taste for music. I wish I could have included a tracklisting because there are some raw tracks I would have loved to add to my collection.

Listen to it NOW / or Download (Z_share)

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Adidas Originals - Star Wars Collection

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I am so pumped by watching this.  Seriously Adidas is sick with their branding for their 'Originals' collection.

Great score and some great cameos too..

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Nike SB, This is Qatar: Skateboarding


This is more of mini documentary then a skate film.  If you were ever interested in learning a little bit about Qatar, here it is through the eyes of skateboarders, from Nike SB Spain.  I really liked their honest approach to their adventure, from getting kicked out from a lot of facilities to the challenge of finding good spots to skate on.

If you just want straight up skating and the back story is boring you, skip to about ~14mins in and watch till the end.

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Mayer Hawthorne on Cratedigging for Vinyl


This segment is for "Dusty Fingers"

Man I am really jealous of people that get the true appreciation of vinyl, I keep telling myself I have to get on this.  I better start searching on craigslist for a turntable.

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