AxTrueMental - Sonny (Miami Vice Music Video)

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I happen to be clearing out my inbox completely today I happen to find this hidden gem in the mix.

The music is great, has that retro-electro feel of the 80's and the video Fun mock at Miami Vice and 80's cop dramas in general.



Cibo Matto Sugar Water Video by Michel Gondry

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A bit of an older video, but I just discovered it and I love Michel Gondry.  So cool!

Watch HBO's How To Make It In America: Episode #1

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This show is reminiscent to re-watching 'The Wackness' and brought to life on the screen.

For all the buzz about Kid Cudi becoming an actor,lol, this is ridiculous attempt, he comes off worst then a stereotypical token Black character, he seriously makes two cameos and each time is to give a main character some dap and say some jived out lingo. 

Eddie Kaye Thomas is a really cool actor, and loved his role in 'On the Road With Judas,' but he not that loveable of a character in this show, but by the end of the episode I think that will change. 

and Luis Guzmán will be pretty tight in his role too. 

mmm, Samaire Armstrong made an appearance...


enough of my comments, just watch for yourself, I will be definitely keeping up with it.

Sort of makes a culture I love so much become a mainstream phenomenon, On to the Next One.


Dom Kennedy – Menace Beach

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This is the latest video from his album/mixtape Future Street/Drug Sounds.

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Comin’ straight out of South Africa, Die Antwoord.

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Wow, I don't know where to start on commenting this video, are they for real? and is that a mullet mixed with a Vanilla Ice Hi-top?

Listen to the Full "Beat Boy" Song HERE

via The World's Best Ever

If you enjoyed this clip or you want to be further weirded out Check Out their Music video AFTER the JUMP


Audi R8 V10 Spyder

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Simply amazing, really there is much to say except look at all the great images of this machine after the jump

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We at theRNDM love these videos and still sadly have no affiliation with the Random moniker.

Well enjoy...

Topics include:
- Chocolate
- Powerlifting
- Filtering false friends
- Funny hats
- The art of the decline
… and naked ladies. 

via Tim Ferriss Blog and Kevin Rose 


The Formula Behind Reporting The News

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This is great, sadly really true with how they report news stories, sometimes I wonder why these reporters are aimlessly walking in the rain while talking about the economic downfall.

Plus it reminds me about an article I read a week ago about how news channels will impose narratives on disasters and news worthy events.  Its like the idea of them only interviewing just the 3 cynical people in a city and framing the story as if everyone in that town are crazy about the issue.



‘untitled 246? by Eduardo Omine


 Really beautiful imagery created in realtime by some crazy scripts and algorithms that Eduardo Omine worked to add the visuals to his musical composition.

Click here for more info on how this was created.

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Jay Electronica Calls On Diddy to perform "Exhibit C"


Highline NYC 1/17/10

I always have to rep for Jay Elect~, enjoy... 

*plus listen to this track, "Holiday" Mos Def Ft, Jay Electronica