Crazy flooding in Buenos Aires

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My favorite city in the world which I just returned from experienced some insane flooding a week or two ago.  This is just one clip showing how bad it was.  Click on the others if interested.  A majority are from the Palermo district where I lived.  

Auto-Tune the News #10: Turtles

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Youtube page for Auto-Tune the News, click here


Amazing OK Go Video- This Too Shall Pass

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Wow they have the best videos.  This one is amazing. 

Directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs. 


1-O.A.K This track has seriously been on rotation heavily on my playlist for a month now.  I am trying to catch up all the music I have been listening to lately but haven’t been posting up, so hopefully stay patience with me.

via FWMJ’s Rappers I Know

With a name that truly begets his unique abilities 1-O.A.K. (One of A Kind) is a triple threat: vocalist, musician, and producer. The freshman of the Bay Area collective the Honor Roll, he has various productions for the entire crew.

-more Honor Roll Crew


Air - So Light Is Her Foot Fall


I am loving this track,  

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The Clipse - Freedom


Spec Boogie “Bed Stuy”


Hot Track produced by Von Pea, which has a real cool Take6 Sample for the Hook.

via FWMJ's Rappers I Know 


Liars - Scissor

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Surprising genre shift (what does that mean? watch and you will see.)

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Jump Jump Dance Dance - Show Me The Night


The ultra colorful video by Jump Jump Dance Dance (with hours of intensive research I have determined Jump Jump Dance Dance makes dance music.) 

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