J*DaVeY "Get Together"


Man I hate when this happens, I knew about J*Davey for too long of awhile, but now I am going have to seriously go through their back catalog.

This track is smooth as ice, staying cool...

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DOWNLOAD their Mixtape: Boudoir Synema: the great mistape 


Reflection Eternal "In This World"


This is like catnip for hip-hop heads, ohh so sweet... 

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Lupe Fiasco Performs New Songs off of Lasers

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More Tracks off of LASERS after the JUMP 

Drake - Over



Yeah, you might think I am late, but finding a working link of this track is hard enough. 

Produced by Boi-1da

1st single of off Drake’s upcoming album, ‘Thank Me Later.’

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MORE: Boi-1da Discusses The Making of 'Over'


I Love You Phillip Morris (Jim Carrey Trailer)

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Starring Jim Carrey, Leslie Mann and Ewan McGregor

This film seems pretty crazy

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How To Make It In America’s Hustle Stories w/ Kid Cudi

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I have actively been keeping up with this show, How to Make it in America.  It is slowly getting better episode to episode, but I should emphasize slowly.

 Over the weekend, HBO put up this video of Kid Cudi talking about how he landed the role on the show and how his relates to the premise of “How To Make it In America.”

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Big Sean f. GLC & Chip tha Ripper - Okay


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Iron Man 2 Trailer Part 2

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looking good, looking good.  There are a lot of cool new additions this sequel, I mixed on which one am I more happy about, the appearance of the new Audi R8 convertible or the lovely Scarlett Johansson.

24 Season 8 Trailer

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I know that the season started two months ago, but I was re-watching the trailers (as usual) and I love this one.  Plus there is a spoiler in it for the episode coming up this week.  24 has the best trailers on TV, hands down.  

Paisajes Emergentes


Great landscape architecture firm based out of Medellin, Colombia.  Known very well for their strong imagery and general work in the built environment.  Check out their website and some of their projects.  The english link doens't work, but click on spanish and do some browsing.  

Paisajes Emergentes