Chat Roulette Piano Improv #1

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Before the buzz of ChatRoulette fades, this is a pretty cool and funny video of a guy doing improv piano playing for people on Chat Roulette.

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Blame it on my Booty

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RJD2 Interview

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here is a short interview with producer RJD2, where he talks on his current projects as well as running his own sustainable record label with very low overhead.

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More: RJD2’s Custom Spinning Wireless MPC Remote 


Passion Pit - Little Secrets


one of my favorite bands I found out early on through

The video is cool enough, but will never come close to their first video I saw, "the Reeling"

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She & Him - In the Sun

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I got to rep my girl Zooey D whenever possible.

I have't really took the chance to listen her group She & Him that much, but at first glimpse they remind me of "The Bird and The Bee" some what.

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update: I figured it out, 1:04 - 1:10 that little jig Zooey does has to be directly inspired from the Crazy Indian dance viral.


Wall of Death: India's Diamond Maruti Car Circus

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um, AhhhhhMaaazing!!

Enough said.


Listen 2: MFT Radio #25 & #26

MFT January 2010 / Shibuya FM Tokyo by tyleraskew

MFT_2yr_shibuyafm #26, the Latest My Favorite Things Mix

01 Joy Orbison / J.Doe / Doldrums
02 Theo Parrish / Goin Through Changes / Sound Signature
03 Marvin Gaye / LTJ Rework / CDR
04 Michael Wycoff / Looking Up To You (The Revenge rework) / MCDE
05 Mr Scruff feat Kaidi Tatham / Fresh Noodles / Prime Numbers
06 Faith Evans / Can't Complain (Aaron Jerome edit) / CDR
07 DJ Nature / Dance / Jazzy Sport
08 Jazzanova feat Ben Westbeech / I Can See (Mark E remix) / CDR
09 Kez YM / Bridge to Bridge / Yore
10 Untitled / Untitled / CDR
11 Theophilus London / Pull My Heart Away / CDR
12 OC & AG / Supreme Squad / CDR
12 Julien Dyne feat Mara TK / Stained Glass / Wonderful Noise

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After the JUMP is MFT #25


HP Slate and Adobe Flash

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It cool to see where tech and media is moving their efforts too, and right now it seems to be the tablet format.

I have seen pics of the Hp Slate before, and I can't help to say the iPad is a sexier product, but the HP Slate is definitely seems way more practical.

if you not much into tech skip 1/2 into the video, because this video runs like a rebuttal to Steve Jobs arguments of implementing Flash into its iPad platform.  

My thoughts: I agree 100% in Steve Jobs arguments against Flash, Adobe implementation of flash on the desktop is just horrible, its a complete memory hog.  But at the end of the day, Flash and Adobe Air are sort of made to look and interact great on a tablet, seriously the tablet is about consuming media, and today a huge majority of our consumption is through flash.  I did watch a video earlier this week, where the team leader for the Flash division, said they have been highly optimizing the flash plugin for mobile devices, so I can wait to see what they do, plus I can't wait to get flash on my Palm Pre.

Final thoughts: despite its lack of complete sexiness, this runs on Win 7 (which I love) and if you were able to buy it tomorrow it would work completely out of the box, vs if you could buy an iPad tomorrow you would have to wait for developers/companies to catch up or tolerate scaled up iphone apps, mmm.

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Blu "Amnesia"

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Great track and amazing video made from clippings of the film Elevator to the Gallows (Knowing me I will have to watch this within a week...)

video made by:

Track from Blu's – HerFavoriteColo(u)r (Download)

PS: the track uses a Billie Holiday Sample

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iphone This is old news for most, I really am only posting this for what I bolded below, lol.  Plus the survey apparently tries to point out how productive and more organized a Smartphone can make your life too.

According to the survey:

Nearly 85 percent of the iPhone owners used the phone as their watch, and 89 percent used it as their alarm clock. In fact, 75 percent admitted to falling asleep with the iPhone in bed with them, and 69 percent said they were more likely to forget their wallet than their iPhone when leaving in the morning.

Live Science iPhone Survery 

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