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Caribou - Odessa

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what is that beat??????? yeah the bassline, you know it frustrating you too.. about how familiar it sounds....



I think Cudi might have some redemption points on this track...
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KiD CuDi - REVOFEV (Produced by Plain Pat) by Hypetrak


Citroen GT on the Streets of London

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This pretty cool, this car was originally designed for a video game and now its out in the real wild, sweet...

Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang f. Q-tip

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I love the look and craziness of it... and Great track too, with Q-tip throwing his patented vocals into the mixed.

Drake – You Know You Know (Produced By Kanye West)

(I haven't heard 'Thank Me Later' yet) but apparently this track didn't make the cut. Not the usual Kanye beat, but I like, its grew on me.
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Drake - You Know You Know (Produced By Kanye West) by Hypetrak


Uffie f. Pharrell - ADD SUV

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Maxed Out, young without money.

This is from a Current TV documentary series entitled "Vanguard." I am labeling this a "Must See," it shows you the harsh reality of being in debt from many different perspectives. Particularly if you are in the same situation, this documentary gives you the chance to detach yourself from your own situation and criticize what others are doing to their life. After-wards, you can unfortunately see that you are in no better position. I am not trying to be depressing, this is some real sh*t I myself am learning.

PS: I'm going to Graduate School in the Fall, USC...


What is life without craftsmanship? - Crazy Video

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One crazy video showing the end of civilization as we know it, if good craftsmanship begins to fail.
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Villeneuve - Death Race (Live)

One amazing Musical Ride that unfortunately lasts only 8 minutes.
Suggestion: Just press play, let the music ride and go to work.
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Solitude is Bliss by Tame Impala