I love tech startups interviews, this is one I think alot of CR readers would like to know the insides and outs of:  Collegehumor.

They get into the humble beginnings, the move into the T-Shirt business and the percentage buy out by media mogul Barry Diller.

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Shaun Boothe - Poor Boy (Bohemian RAP-sody Remix)


Who in the world is the Team behind Shaun Boothe, I haven't seen many people with their internet game and presentation so up there.

Plus come on, how many years did it take for hip-hop to cover this Queen classic, seriously we should have had a Bohemian Rhapsody remix ages ago? 

DOWNLOAD: "Poor Boy" Produced by Nineteen85 

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BLK JKS - “Molalatadi” Music Video


directed by Jamie James-Medina

 When I first heard this song I went crazy for it, and to find out it has an amazingly crafted video to go with it, all I can say it, Amen.

if I can remember right Molalatadi means Rainbow.

Plus it features cut scenes of the band chilling in Coney Island with clips fromJames-Medina and Matthew Salacuse’s South African train surfing documentary.

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Lego Matrix Trinity Help

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This is amazing

Random – Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss’ Top 3 Travel Spots


Another great installment to Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss's China Trip.

They give us some more tips on traveling and some best places to visit.

@jimsarr: I can't believe the irony, Tim even harps on Argentina and Brazil and how you have defend yourselves from thieves.

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Drake - Replacement Girl (@ItsTheTay REMIX)

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Drake x The Tay - Replacement Girl's 8 Bit Orchestra

I really like this remix, mainly because I love 99% of Drake's Discography, and Replacement Girl was that 1% I would skip over.

Now The Tay brought a fresh light to this track, and the beat is bumping.

@ItsTheTay: aka The Tay, is 1/6 of the ATL blog crew Dormtainment.com plus a music producer with a love of blending that 8bit nintendo sound into his mixes.

AFTER the JUMP another @ItsTheTay Mix


Shaun Boothe – Unauthorized Biography of...

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 Download the above track

I really like when people take hip hop and be creative with it.

Shuan Boothe is on his 6th chapter of his Unauthorized Biography series, the one to hit the net with storm has been Sean Combs, but he has done many more Influencers such as Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, and next will be Orpah. 

To get the FULL Coverage, hit his youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/BiographySeries

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Mike Carroll's Hangover Flip, Lakai

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Short and SWEET...

 Really nice editing trick, very simple, but a very powerful effect.

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Vitalic - Poison Lips

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Another hot track to rock your head to.

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Chromeo “Night By Night”


directed by Surface To Air Paris

The video was shot in a Brooklyn warehouse, a closed-door dance audition that is one part Flash Dance, one part Footloose.

The song sounds hot, but that music video is incredible, it hits you like those 80s back alley dance/fight video.

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