Rad Omen - Rad Anthem


What happen if all the restaurant mascot, like Ronald McDonald and the Colonel Sanders were crack fiend party goers? this music video takes the attempt to answer that for us.


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Black Dynomite

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Nuff Said!

Burj Khalifa Opening (Burj Dubai)

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So I know this is a week old but its crazy. . .


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i cant believe this! Stop lying to us ladies. Padded bras, make up, hair extension, fake nails, nail polish.. now fake butts! SHOM ON! Stop lying to us guys!!!

I have never been particularly interested in these e-readers but this thing is pretty sick. I can do text images layout changes and color. Its like the Sh*t you see in the futuristic movies. You can check out more info and do 360 views at the website http://www.skiff.com/skiff-reader.html


Primal Scream by Richard Mosse


This is really cool, Just wait for it, seriously till the end, when one man is left standing.

  In the short film, he challenges a group of brothers at Yale’s oldest and meatiest jock fraternity, DKE, to scream at the camera, as loudly and for as long as possible; winner gets bragging rights. The big boys heartily oblige. And why not? As Mosse explains: The men were happy to participate in the project in exchange for a keg of beer.

The rules: They compete against each other to shout or scream the loudest and for the longest time. When they cannot scream any longer they must stop, and cannot begin again.

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Titled 'Fraternity' by Journalist Photographer, Richard Mosse


Hip Hop Toddler

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I love it!

Moray McLaren – “We Got Time,” Video

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directed by David Wilson 


I really didn't know this was a music video till the end, but I just love how they took something simple and made it an overwhelming experience.  Plus I put my bets that this song will be license to a lot of movies in the future.

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Watch the Making of.... (After the JUMP) 

This is behind the scenes isnt BS, there are alot of cool tips if you are interested in animation and cinematography.  Plus his excerpt on the life cycle of animals is worth the watch.  


Jay-Z - Young Forever f. Mr. Hudson

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I want to mention that Mr. Hudson is Hip-hop's Phil Collins

and this video must have to be deeply inspired by those real cool Levi America commercials.

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Toronto On Ice by Sam Javanrouh


Daily Dose of Imageryphotoblog, Sam Javanrouh has posted a stunning short HD video depictingthe Toronto Island ferry approaching the city center on an icy cold dayin February.

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