Theophilus London “Last Name London”


Taylor McFerrin - "The Song I Promised You"

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This is a really hot track from Taylor Mcferrin, from his 2006 EP, Broken Vibes


Purity Ring - “Lofticries”


One of the hottest tracks out right now.

This is the unofficial video for “Lofticries” and it features footage from a 1974 Swedish film called Thriller: A Cruel Picture, which was the direct inspiration of Uma Turman's character is Kill Bill.

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The World (Is Going Up in Flames) by Charles Bradley


Man about Town starring Kilian Martin

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Kilian Martin is like the "Gene Kelly to Freestyle Skateboarding"
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Kanye’s Tweets with Grandma


James Blake - Limit To Your Love

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Really beautiful minimal beat.... Enjoy

Mike Tyson-Wayne Brady: Every Little Step

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Mike Tyson. Wayne Brady. BOBBY BROWN! nuff said!

MonkeyManMachine - Let the Rhythm move ya

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Really swanky tight beat, I got it on repeat.
Plus if you love puppets, enjoy some of the eccentric-ness of the visuals.


Yoyogin by Stefan Werc

Yoyogi park. Tokyo